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painted portrait of a couple

Gwenn Seemel
Spreading joy
acrylic on canvas
92 x 46 inches

People often smile at David and me in the street and tell us what a cute couple we are.  At first, we thought it was because we were so in love and that our adoration sent out waves of happiness to others. Soon enough though, we realized that it wasn’t our love that was making an impression so much as our height difference. Sometimes people seemed to be judging, but mostly they just seemed pleased that such a couple existed. We call the act of walking down the street together “spreading joy” and I named this painting for our special talent.

This is my first ever life-size portrait. It took me over three years to finish it and this vlog talks a bit about why. I like art that takes its time, but I have on occasion made paintings on very short timelines, including this piece.