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Anita Hill as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

Gwenn Seemel
Because because because because! Because of the [horrible] things [the patriarchy] does!
acrylic on panel
20 x 10 inches

$1500 (Email me for details.)

In this portrait of Senator Alan Simpson and Professor Anita Hill, the text quotes an exchange that took place during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearings to appoint Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court. Hill had been invited to testify about how Thomas had sexually harassed her, but, in the end, it was Hill’s reputation that came under scrutiny instead of Thomas’ behavior. Simpson asks:

“If what you say this man said to you occurred…why in God’s name would you ever speak to a man like that the rest of your life?”

Hill responds:

“That’s a very good question. And I am sure that I cannot answer that to your satisfaction.”

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