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Donald Trump as Hello Kitty

Gwenn Seemel
Hello Sh*tty, available in a White House near you! (Grab him by his pussy.)
acrylic on canvas
30 x 30 inches

$2500 (Email me for details.)

The famous Japanese character Hello Kitty has no mouth because her creators reasoned that it would be easier to project your own feelings onto the cat if she wasn’t already expressing her own. This was meant to make the kitty more likeable and it seems to work the same way for Donald Trump, though he, of course, has a mouth. His supporters assign their emotions to Trump and then laud his ability to relate. It is beyond creepy.

This painting comes from this other portrait of Trump, a 2015 painting depicting corruption in Oregon, and a 2007 painting where I remade the President’s Seal for a different reason. For more about the making of Hello Sh*tty, check out this video.