OPB Gwenn Seemel

still from OPB

This summer, I created a 10 by 38 foot mural of Kirk Reeves, the street performer who died in 2012. The project is on NE Grand at Lloyd in Portland, Oregon, and it was featured on KOIN and KGW as well as in The Oregonian, on this episode of OPB’s State of Wonder, and in a video which filmmaker Ifanyi Bell created for Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Willamette Week

screenshot of Willamette Week

You’re not a proper patron of Portland’s arts scene until you’ve...had your portrait painted by Gwenn Seemel.

     — - Staff, Willamette Week, September 2014 -- - full story

Creative Insurgents

still from Creative Insurgents

At the beginning of 2014, I talked with the Creative Insurgents crew about art marketing, copyright, and the creative life. You can catch the interview here.

[Crime Against Nature is] beautiful and weird and quirky and is guaranteed to spark conversation. ...When I got my print version of the book I also knew it belonged on the coffee table as much as in the classroom.

     — - Cory Silverberg,, June 2013 -- - full story

Scientific American

screenshot of Scientific American

Seemel’s book [Crime Against Nature] covers it all and reminds us that if you’re inclined to look to nature for answers regarding what is ‘normal,’ ‘natural,’ or even ‘moral,’ it’s clear that nature passes no judgement.

     — - Kalliopi Monoyios, Scientific American, May 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of Hyperallergic

The glimpses that Seemel has illustrated of the real wildness of the natural world [in Crime Against Nature] are fascinating.

     — - Allison Meier, Hyperallergic, April 2013 -- - full story


screenshot of BoingBoing

The issues at play [in Crime Against Nature] are hefty and potentially uncomfortable, but the book itself is light, playful, and pleasantly un-preachy.

     — - Maggie Koerth-Baker, BoingBoing, January 2013 -- - full story

My hat is off to Gwenn Seemel for embodying so well the ideals of the free culture movement!

     — - Lionel Maurel, OWNI, May 2012 -- - full story in French


still from CubFluffer

In 2012, artist and curator Gabe Flores interviewed me for CubFluffer about some of the ways that I am privileged. The video of our chat is here.

Artist Gwenn Seemel’s post ‘How I make sure my art doesn’t get ripped off on the Internet’ is a wonderfully calm, sensible, and practical approach to living as a 21st century artist in an age where reproduction is a given.

     — - Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing, November 2010 -- - full story

Portland artist Gwenn Seemel, photo by Cathy Cheney

photo by Cathy Cheney

[While] the recession has left plenty of bruises, Seemel said it could result in more thought-provoking work.

     — - Matthew Kish, The Portland Business Journal, February 2010 -- - full story

Oregon Art Beat

still from Oregon Art Beat

In 2010, my work was featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat. The segment was filmed in September 2008 and it features Apple Pie as well as part of the interview behind these two portraits.

[Bernstein and Seemel share] an ability to see their portrait models as more than just flesh and figure.

     — - Margie Boulé, The Oregonian, January 2010 -- - full story

Portland artist Gwenn Seemel, photo by Faith Cathcart

photo by Faith Cathcart

[The] artist is up to something unusual in her paintings.

     — - DK Row, The Oregonian, May 2009 -- - full story

No lover of art, surely, could begrudge [City Commissioner Randy] Leonard’s boost to rising star Gwenn Seemel’s career.

     — - Editor, The Oregonian, March 2009 -- - full story

Portland artist Gwenn Seemel with Michelle Cheney, photo by Stephanie Yao

photo by Stephanie Yao

Although her portraits might be of other people, stare at them long enough and you’ll find they have an interesting way of becoming as much about...her own hunger to understand the world.

     — - Inara Verzemnieks, The Oregonian, July 2007 -- - full story

[The subject] is eager to see how Swollen captures her interior and exterior changes. Regardless of what she thinks about the finished product, Seemel hopes for a strong reaction.

     — - Jim Radosta, Just Out, July 2007 -- - full story

Portland artist Gwenn Seemel, photo by Ross William Hamilton

photo by Ross William Hamilton

Seemel’s project is really a complex performance-art piece—sort-of real life reality television.

     — - DK Row, The Oregonian, April 2006 -- - full story