French-American Artist

making artworks that are brightly colored, boldly painted, and bursting with love

Featured on Hip New Jersey!

Thank you to Lisa Marie Latino and the Hip New Jersey team! You can see the full article on Hip New Jersey.

Gwenn Seemel The Original Cowboy 2017

Real-world Magic

Empathetic Magic is at Lyceum Hall in Burlington, New Jersey through the end of April.

Plus more art IRL in Montclair! Crime Against Nature is at FIAF and the group show Love and Fear is at the Montclair Public Library.

Gwenn Seemel Hello Sh*tty 2017

Hello Kitty President

I made this painting at the end of 2017, but it has recently been getting lots of attention. You can see the work in person at the Montclair Public Library in New Jersey through the end of the month.

To purchase prints or t-shirts with the image, go here in my print shop!