Artwork / 2007 / Once Was My Father’s Hero

colorful painted portrait of woman with an octagonal shape in the background
Gwenn Seemel
Once Was My Father’s Hero
acrylic on twill
17 x 13 inches

I love to paint self-portraits In 2007 alone, I painted five, including my self-portrait for Swollen.

In some ways, my self-portraits are my most uninhibited works. In part, this is because I know that I cannot offend myself, so I paint without my usual concern for my model. Then too, it helps that I know that my self-portrait cannot be the only portrait I will ever paint of myself. I know I have lots of chances to get it right, whereas, with most portraits, I don't.

The only other person whom I can paint with same sense of freedom is David, David, and moreDavid!

painted portrait
detail image