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Anita Hill as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, portrait by feminist Gwenn Seemel mom reading to her kid, painted portrait hedgehog art illustration sunset painting by LBI artist Gwenn Seemel forget-me-not flowers painting bluebird artwork by French artist monarch butterfuly marker drawing black and white portrait painting wedding portrait painted in acrylic bear with a broken arm Marvin Levitt painting by Gwenn Seemel commission pet portrait blue spotted frog drawing two hummingbirds facing off ladybug art by insect artist Gwenn Seemel wedding portrait drawing by artist Gwenn Seemel commissioned portrait of a man wearing a cap cobra drawing tiki torch Trump, political art by Gwenn Seemel fine art portrait of a dog Frida Kahlo drawing by feminist artist Gwenn Seemel Peter Maschal painting by Long Beach Island artist Gwenn Semel fiber artist Megy Novak painted by Gwenn Seemel hawk drawing in marker on paper beloved Brittany spaniel portrait self-portrait Gwenn Seemel on a canvas tote bee art by environmental artist Gwenn Seemel rabbit portrait painting rooster art by French artist Gwenn Seemel painting of an old man drawing of a little girl in a storm island art by landscape artist Gwenn Seemel dog portrait painted in acrylic cricket art Trump portrait by Gwenn Seemel featured in Newsweek

In 2017, Empathetic Magic was my primary focus, with the first half of the year consumed almost entirely by creating the bulk of that series and getting it covered by Bust among other noteworthy publications. Still, I managed to make some paintings outside of Empathetic Magic, and this gallery is proof of that.

Gwenn Seemel speaking at a conference in Quebec
photo by the Association pour le Développement Technologique en Éducation

In March, I traveled to Quebec to speak about copyright and creativity as keynote speaker at the 4e Colloque de l’Association pour le Développement Technologique en Éducation.

In April, I published an article about discrimination in the art world on the Clark Hulings Fund Learning Portal. This was especially important to me as the piece had previously been censored by Professional Artist magazine.

Framablog featuring Gwenn Seemel
screenshot of Framablog

In August, Frédéric Urbain of Framablog interviewed me, as did Marie Guibouin of the Pink Power Tour Festival. In September, it was The Filmmakers Podcast and At the Shore. In December, I made my second appearance on the excellent and inspiring podcast Your Creative Push!

“[Seemel] is an activist in many domains as well as being an accomplished artist.”

- Frédéric Urbain, Framablog, August 2017