Artwork / 2023

a whale diving deeper, while also turning into a butterfly and a turtle beautiful child portrait painted by Lambertville artist Gwenn Seemel colorful marker drawing of a sparrow by Lambertville artist Gwenn Seemel two figures with daisies for faces, eyes on their chests, and gaping mouthes for bellies, by feminist artist Gwenn Seemel beautiful black woman portrait painted by American artist Gwenn Seemel monarch butterfly painted by Lambertville artist Gwenn Seemel rainbow magic portrait of a little boy wearing oversized tinted glasses relaxing cat portrait by New Jersey artist Gwenn Seemel tuxedo cat with big eyes, portrait by pet artist Gwenn Seemel marker and colored pencil on paper drawing of an adult mother and child old man in an electric wheelchair, painting on panel HumanLight candles by humanist artist Gwenn Seemel: trans symbol and peace sign on a white candle, recycle earth on a blue candle, heart in a heart on a red candle, atom symbol in a light bulb on a yellow candle marker and colored pencil drawing of friends Progress Pride flag Eeyore fan art by feminist artist Gwenn Seemel Progress Pride flag sea turtle by LGBTQ artist Gwenn Seemel Progress Pride flag crab by queer artist Gwenn Seemel

2023 was the year my art career turned twenty. To celebrate this milestone artiversary, I did a blog series about some of my most mundane mistakes, little things that ultimately make keeping on keeping on as an artist so hard. You can start with Mistake #1.

Other than getting older, 2023 was about getting mentally healthy through my series Everything’s Fine. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the work, I’m in the process of turning the paintings into a coloring book. Thank you to everyone who’s supporting this project!

Aline Magrez film Queerying Nature
Queerying Nature poster and film still

Also in 2023, I made my big screen début in the excellent documentary Queerying Nature by Aline Magrez and Leonor Palmeira. So much of what I’ve done in my twenty years as a full-time artist makes me proud, but nothing more than my participation in this beautiful film.