Artwork / Crime Against Nature / Prince Charming (Hip-pocket Frog)

painting of a pouched frog dad with babies
Gwenn Seemel
Prince Charming (Hip-pocket Frog)
acrylic on panel
10 x 10 inches


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I’m especially pleased with the abstract shapes and textures that fill the background of this image. I started to really work on that abstraction in 2007 with paintings like these ones and which evolved more in paintings like this one from 2009. Below is the text from the book Crime Against Nature that goes with this image.

Boys can carry babies too.

Among hip-pocket frogs, the young spend eleven days in eggs, which the female has laid on the forest floor. The male watches over the eggs and is present when the tadpoles hatch so that the young can crawl up his legs into special pockets in his flanks. Six weeks later, the young leave the male’s pockets fully formed.

wildlife painting by Gwenn Seemel
detail image