Artwork / Crime Against Nature / Animalistic (Rock Pigeon)

painting of a pigeon flying
Gwenn Seemel
Animalistic (Rock Pigeon)
acrylic on panel
10 x 10 inches


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This is the only painting of a creature flying in this series, but I painted lots of swimming and floating animals, including this whale, these orcas, and these seahorses. In 2008 I painted an astronaut with a floaty self-portrait moon, and in 2018 I painted mermaids. Below is the text from the book Crime Against Nature that goes with this image.

We all just want to live, love, and be loved. And our individual expressions of these same needs are what make our world so beautiful.

What’s seen as “natural” for one kind of bird is called “animalistic” for the other, and our understanding of the lives of all birds in the columbidae family along with our appreciation of the diversity of nature are spoiled by these judgments.

wildlife painting by Gwenn Seemel
detail image