Artwork / Friend Request / Cindy and Regan

acrylic painting of a white woman with long red hair and her strawberry blonde child, painted by Gwenn Seemel with dynamic brushstrokes
Gwenn Seemel
Cindy and Regan
acrylic on paper
7 x 5 inches

$1000 for both

Cindy is the first Lambertvillian I met after signing the lease on our apartment here. My partner and I went to the local grocer to buy a celebratory cookie, and Cindy happened to be working the register that night. She happily received my enthusiasm about our imminent move and gave it back in kind.

We traded stickers we’d made, and, a little later, Cindy became my first sticker club member in Lambertville, followed closely by Hannah and Jess. It wasn’t too long after that I met Regan, a miniature Cindy in so many ways, including in her love for stickers.

You can watch the making of Cindy and Regan’s portraits, and check out Cindy’s art here.

painterly portrait of a smiling white woman with freckles
detail image
painterly portrait of an adorable child
detail image