Artwork / Public Faces

Do you have a sense of purpose? Where do you keep it?

When I grow up, I will be the President. I want to be a firefighter, a nurse, a mailman. I want to be a neighborhood candy shop owner. I want to be a soldier, a fisherman, or a circus freak, a ballerina. I want to be a tugboat operator, a teacher, a professional bakesaler, a painter. A police officer, a county or city politician, a US attorney, a secretary of state or a representative or a senator on the state level. I want to be a judge.

Before I die, I want to be a contributing member of the United States of America.

Janice Wilson, John Jelderks, Janice Stewart, Sidney Lezak, Bill Bradbury, Serena Cruz, Maria Rojo de Steffey, Bud Clark, Laurie Monnes Anderson, Mark Hass, Randy Leonard, Paul Weatheroy, and Angela Hollan contribute to society.

“Seemel has long shown a designer’s eye for color and crisp, lyrical brushstrokes, and now her skills are meeting more mature themes of contradictory and interwoven elements of control and inevitability.”

- Harvest Henderson, The Oregonian, October 2005

“Seemel’s portraits...are deeply accomplished.”

- DK Row, The Oregonian, October 2005

show at the City Club of Portland, Oregon
photo by Kristan Seemel

Public Faces showed in October 2005 at the City Club of Portland, while its sister series Private Masks showed at the Starling Gallery.