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Gwenn Seemel painted portraits
Gwenn Seemel and Becca Bernstein
2009 and 2010
acrylic on canvas and wood
36 x 60 inches (combined dimensions)

Pegasus appears in my self-portrait above as part of the legend of Medusa—the detail below shows the snakes in my hair—but, when I discovered that 2014 was the year of the horse in the Chinese Zodiac, I knew I had to recreate him, bigger and bolder in his own painting.

As for Becca’s portrait of me, when I spoke at TEDxGeneva in 2014, I featured the painting as a way of talking about feelings of ownership for art and for portraits. The presentation is called “In Defense of Imitation.”

painterly portrait
detail image
painterly portrait by Becca Bernstein
detail image