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December 26, 2017

The goal video from the beginning of 2017 was this one. For more about the art guide work that I do, go here.

Below is the portrait of a couple of my favorite people that I painted to celebrate their wedding this year! For more about Empathetic Magic, go here. Videos about the two portraits of Donald Trump are here and here; the video about Anita Hill’s portrait is here. My 2017 painting gallery is here.

Of all the press I got in 2017, the most satisfying piece was something by me, not about me. It’s a piece about discrimination in the art world that was originally censored by Professional Artist magazine. The other press from this year includes Bust, New Jersey Monthly, and Your Creative Push, as well as two French interviews—one with Framablog and another with Marie Guibouin.

For more about the filter named after my style, check out this video!

a rainbow double portrait of a blond woman with short hair and a brown-haired man with glasses and a beard
Gwenn Seemel
Char and Michael
acrylic on canvas
18 x 14 inches

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