Blog / 2018 / Dear Diary #2: Comparing Yourself to Another Artist

May 17, 2018

As a way of celebrating my 15th birthday as an artist, I am sharing from my personal journals from when I was first starting out as an artist.

The “B” in this entry is still an artist today, and it’s been interesting to juxtapose our different paths throughout our careers. (“B” is an arbitrary initial, meant to keep the subject anonymous as with all the people I’ll be talking about.) Comparing yourself to others can be both good and bad, especially when jealousy is involved, but in the case with “B” it was all good. She helped me to define the sort of artist I wanted to be by comparison. Without judging her choices (which are right for her because they are hers), observing her behavior allowed me to make the best choices for me.

There are seven diary entries in all:

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