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September 7, 2019

Any amount you pledge to my ABC book Kickstarter is welcomed and adored, but if you want to get something for your money, you can embed a child’s first name in the book starting at the $30 pledge level, and, at $45, you get a copy of the book as well!

If you pay a little more you can tell me what animal to paint for a given letter. The graphic below shows you which letters you can still be the “decider” for along with the pricing. Plus it gives you an idea of what you’re purchasing if you choose to reserve the original artwork for your favorite letter. Buying my work through this Kickstarter campaign is an excellent deal for real art.

Gwenn Seemel’s ABC book
letters that have been decided along with available letters and their pricing

December 9, 2019

The project now has its own online gallery! You can check back here to see the series as a whole as it progresses.

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