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October 14, 2019

If you are an art lover and you aspire to be a gentle client, these three tips will help you get there. For more about how to commission me, go here.

If you are an artist who is having trouble with commission work, but you want to get better at it, I recommend making a list of what you will and won’t do for clients. For more personalized feedback about your custom art process or any aspect of your career, you can hire me as an art guide.

sibling portrait painting
Gwenn Seemel
Dilan and Mira
acrylic on canvas
18 x 24 inches

The client for this double portrait was 100% of the gentle kind. Working with them was a dream, and that makes me love the finished painting so much! Of course, it helped that the subjects were pretty close to perfect as well.

portrait of a smiling boy with braces
detail image of Dilan and Mira
portrait of a smiling girl with curly hair
detail image of Dilan and Mira

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