Blog / 2020 / Sexual Assault on Zoom and a Not-so-live Studio Tour

March 30, 2020

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And in case anyone watching wants to tell me that a few trolls taking over my Zoom by drawing a penis on a shared screen is “no big deal,” you should know that I have experienced way worse kinds of sexual assault—most of which I will never talk about publicly because of trauma—and I am still certain that what happened on Zoom is important.

In fact, it turns out that it’s so important that Vimeo, the platform on which I post my videos, tried to censor it. That’s right! This video was flagged by Vimeo, and the company briefly shut down my whole account. Ten years worth of excellent videos disappeared because I am speaking out about the patriarchy, and the patriarchy doesn’t like that. (Yes, “inappropriate” content filters are the patriarchy because mostly they’re designed by men who think that not getting the door for a woman means you are automatically a feminist.)

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