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June 14, 2020

Living among hardcore Trump supporters, you tend to develop coping mechanisms, and living among them during the reign of COVID-19 has forced me to explore whole new strategies for deflecting their cruelty, including designing these face masks.

“For Your Safety” and “Because Pandemic” mask designs by Gwenn Seemel
For Your Safety and Because Pandemic mask designs

For Your Safety and Because Pandemic are now available in my Redbubble shop.

These candid face coverings will probably not get anti-maskers to wake up to all the harm they are doing. Believe me: I know that. I also acknowledge that I will probably never have the courage to wear these masks—in Trumpland, 45’s supporters are very aggressive even when you are not specifically trying to poke them.

Still, I know plenty of anti-Trumpers who have forgotten that we wear a mask not to protect ourselves, but to protect everyone else. I suspect that you might also know some people like this. If you want to give them a colorful reminder, then these masks are for you!

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For Your Safety and Because Pandemic mark the first time I’ve painted something with the specific intention of uploading it to my print-on-demand shop. I usually make the art I am going to make, and then figure out if it would look good on t-shirts or pillows as an after-thought.

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But this was the perfect time for me to work on my word art skills. I have spent the last few weeks wrapping up my ABC paintings and then laying out the book so that I could send it to the printer. These mask designs acted as a kind of reset for my studio practice as I wait for the Baby Sees ABCs proof to make its way back to me.

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