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August 13, 2021

Where did I get the idea that only 6th graders have to worry about the evils of peer pressure?

It’s probably because, the last time I heard about this concept, I was diagraming sentences and completely convinced that no tree was unclimbable. But, as it turns out, a pandemic can dig up all kinds of fascinating stuff about the human psyche, not the least of which is just how vulnerable most grownups are to the allure of fitting in. Even when it means engaging in the risky behavior of not wearing a mask when a highly contagious variant of an airborne virus is raging, all for fear that your peers might think you “uncool.”

Being unenthusiastic about masks in the pursuit of peer acceptance strikes me as particularly funny because I can’t count the number of times people have told me that they wanted to be a full time artist like me, but it was just too risky. I disagree: I think that not letting your art out is far more dangerous to you and to the world, but I concede their point. Being an artist isn’t the easiest career.

Still, many of these same people have known at least since the end of July when the CDC’s “delta variant = contagious AF” slide presentation leaked that, even if they’re vaccinated, they should be masking up indoors as well as outdoors when they can’t remain physically distanced, and they’re like: “sorry, but masks aren’t in right now.”

PSA from the Risky Riskfiend of Risk Falls, Riskonsin, AKA a full time artist:

Wearing a mask every day of the pandemic is so much less difficult than being an artist. If you’re truly risk averse, your face should almost certainly be covered right now. (Unless you’re at home and only with people from your household.)

SpongeBob SquarePants is ready for the pandemic
Gwenn Seemel
I’m Ready GIF
digital animation
(Download the phone-friendly version of this GIF here.)

I realize that, generally speaking, I tend towards sweetness and light, but you should know that, ever since March 2020, a small but very pissed off version Dr. Fauci has taken up residence in my heart, and tiny angry Tony endlessly repeats a thing that the actual Dr. Fauci said seventeen months ago:

“If it looks like you’re overreacting, you’re probably doing the right thing.”

In other words, if we look uncool for long enough, then, one day, we will be able to go back to looking cool. In the meantime, Coolness Incarnate—AKA SpongeBob SafetyPants—wants you to cover your nose and mouth.

sticker sheet of SpongeBob, Rainbow Dash, Yoda, Pikachu, Dora the Explorer, and Lisa Simpson, all wearing blue surgical-style masks
special edition Lifesavers Fan Art sticker sheet

And I want you to become my patron by August 31st so that I can send you this sticker sheet of Lifesavers Fan Art as a thank-you for making my risky career choice a little safer. You will receive these seven stickers if you pledge $2 or more on Patreon by the end of the month!

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