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October 14, 2021

For years now, I’ve worked with a print-on-demand shop to make my art available as posters and puzzles, dresses and journals, and t-shirts and totes. While I love that Redbubble makes my art accessible at different price points and in a variety of formats, it’s not a perfect situation.

For example, Redbubble sometimes contracts with vendors who don’t take much care with the production of these items. While the shop always makes things right when it messes up—I chose Redbubble because of its excellent customer service—it’s still a big company, and inattention to detail is in its DNA.

Karina Davis vegan bag with Gwenn Seemel’s art on it
Karina Davis bag with Gwenn Seemel’s hummingbird art

Enter: Karina Davis, friend from college and maker of beautiful things! Karina just launched her new business of making pouches and bags with artwork chosen by you on the front.

Karina Davis vegan bag with Gwenn Seemel’s art on it
Karina Davis bag with Gwenn Seemel’s bee art

You can now get some very pretty and very sturdy bags with a wide variety of my art on it, including this hummingbird and this bee!

Karina Davis vegan bag with a photo of the Mont-Saint-Michel on it
Karina Davis bag with her Mont-Saint-Michel art

Karina also has a line of her own photos on the bags. I got this pouch with a lovely picture of my very favorite historical monument, the Mont-Saint-Michel. The pouch has lived in my purse for the past few months, making the trek back and forth across America with me, and it looks exactly as fabulous as the day it showed up in my mailbox!

It please me to partner with small businesses like Karina’s or like Grace’s diamond painting venture. The care they take with their work matches my own, making it a true partnership.

Maybe this post made you think of something you want to share with me? Or perhaps you have a question about my art? I’d love to hear from you!


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