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August 29, 2022

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Get your t-shirt at!

For more about my inspiration for this tiger design, check out this video. There are more animal incarnations of Pride featured here.

Gwenn Seemel’s painting of an LGBTQ tiger on a Pride Socks t-shirt
photo by David Vanadia

For years now, I’ve used a print-on-demand shop to make posters and pillows, tank tops totes, all kinds of stationery, and home décor with my art on it. Working this way has been more or less okay, but this t-shirt is something different—something I’m wholeheartedly excited about!

For the first time ever, my art is on apparel because someone besides me thought it should be. This Intersex Inclusive Progress Pride flag tiger is now available through Pride Socks, an Austin, Texas company that got famous for its rainbow tube socks and now makes all kinds of Pride apparel.

Their whole inventory is fun and completely fabulous, but if you’re looking for this tiger shirt, it’s at!

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