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October 1, 2023

Recently, I signed up for OK Doomer, Jessica Wildfire’s newsletter for people who don’t want to pretend that the world isn’t ending. I can’t remember how I first came across the site, but I do know that, when I subscribed, I found myself frustrated by the author’s repeated attempts to get me to pay for the subscription.

Seeing as I’m an artist who also asks for monthly recurring donations and who 100% needs them in order to make ends meet, I realize that my irritation might seem hypocritical. The thing is: both my partner and I are full-time artists. We don’t have a lot of money, so paid subscriptions are a no-no for our budget.

Still, this story turns out okay, because OK Doomer is nothing if not a place for realistic thinking. And Wildfire proved it by switching things up and including a link for one-time donations in the next post.

I. Was. Thrilled.

white and orange cat in a glitter crown
detail with digital editing of Oh No! Thougths Won’t Go.

Because I am One-time Donation Royalty. Whenever an artist I know asks me to support a project, I’m there. I may not give much in terms of amount—usually $10—but I know that just the fact of my pledge matters.

And I want you to know that too.

white and orange cat in a glitter crown
detail with digital editing of Oh No! Thougths Won’t Go. as a sticker

If you’ve appreciated my work, but your budget feels too delicate for regular donations, please know that a $10 pledge to my Kickstarter (before October 15th) means the world to me, and I’ll send you this crowned kitty glitter sticker to thank you for your contribution!


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