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sticker by Gwenn Seemel

When you join the sticker club through Patreon, you receive a special edition sticker, magnet, or postcard every month in the mail!

Often, I send out art designs depicting nature like this little fox or the forget-me-nots, but it might also be a more political image, like something based on this painting of Eeyore.

“PAY-tree-on” is an ongoing crowdfunding platform that allows you to automatically send me support every month, while also helping me to be more connected with you.

The sticker club is $8 per month, and that $8 includes shipping anywhere in the world. You can even brighten up the mailboxes of your friends. Simply pledge $8 more for each additional person and give me their addresses too. I’ll send a bit of pretty directly to them each month.

Join via Patreon!

You can pledge less than $8 and you can pledge more: no matter the size of your donation, please know that it means the world to me. The monthly income I receive through the combined power of these donations helps make my life as an independent artist a little more stable.

What’s more, the sticker club is just the beginning! Patreon is also where I offer special discounts on art coaching and original artworks made expressly for you. These Patreon-only deals are my way of thanking you for giving me the kind of security every freelancer dreams of.

Gwenn Seemel mentoring another artist
photo by David Vanadia

$20: Video Visit

Do you want an art guide? A second set of eyes to evaluate your work and your career? I can be that for you, and, if you sign up for this personalized advice through Patreon, you get a half hour of advice after one payment of $20. (This gift is available one time per person. If you’d like more art guidance, check out my long-term mentoring.)

bohemian waxwing painting by Gwenn Seemel
Gwenn Seemel Bohemian Waxwing

$50 x 10: Animal Art

After ten months of $50 payments, I make you one painting of an animal of your choosing on a piece of 10 x 10 inch unmounted canvas. Commissioning a painting like this would normally cost around $1000, so the $500 Patreon deal is amazing. (This gift is available one time per patron, and the pricing includes shipping anywhere.)