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Gwenn Seemel painting the Kirk Reeves mural in Portland, Oregon
photo by Molly Ross

The first time I was ever commissioned to make an artwork, I was 16 and it was a mural for a neighbor’s playroom. The experience got me hooked on painting big, and I have had the pleasure of doing it now and again over the years, most spectacularly for this portrait mural in Portland and this public art project in DC.

I paint with resilient lightfast acrylic paints, and I require access to a water source and drain somewhere close to the project’s location so that I can keep my brushes clean as I go. Murals usually take between 72 hours and two weeks to complete, but both timing and pricing for these kinds of projects can vary widely depending on a whole range of factors. Please contact me if you’re interested in having me make a mural happen in your world!

Gwenn Seemel, artist for Make Room USA
photo by Gwenn Seemel