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Gwenn Seemel at TEDxGeneva
photo by TEDxGeneva

At conferences, panels, workshops, and informal art jams, I love spreading the good news of creativity and sharing techniques for making the art business work better on both the micro and the macro level. I have spoken at TEDxGeneva, at the Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre in France, and at the Colloque de l’Association pour le Développement Technologique en Éducation in Quebec as well as at countless universities and high schools. Go here on my résumé for a more complete list of my experience.

My areas of expertise include portraiture, acrylic painting, the art business, and copyright alternatives. My speaking style is dynamic and colorful, made ever-so-extra by the addition of my whimsical hand-drawn slides.

Please contact me if you’re interested in having me bring my special brand of creativity to your institution or event!

Gwenn Seemel speaking at a high school
photo by Maria Galati
Gwenn Seemel on a panel, photo by David Vanadia
photo by David Vanadia