Artwork / 2004 / Kiss It!

painted portrait of a man with gender symbols and question marks in the background
Gwenn Seemel
Kiss It!
acrylic on canvas
24 x 24 inches

In choosing the palette for this image, a Stark Raving Theatre poster, I was inspired by Pyke Koch’s Large Contortionist. When I began work on Kiss It! I had just returned from Paris where I had been taking in all the art that city has to offer, and, while Koch’s piece was not my all-around favorite, I did find his use of color to be a delicious revelation.

Still, though I saw lots of amazing work in Paris, the call of art was not actually why I crossed the pond. I was visiting my grandmother in a tiny town in Brittany, spending a few days with my cousins in Paris, and seeing my mime teacher.

painted portrait of a pale man
detail image