Artwork / 2007 / Curt Enderle (A Beautiful Balance of Opposites)

painted portrait of Curt Enderle
Gwenn Seemel
Curt Enderle (A Beautiful Balance of Opposites)
acrylic on canvas
20 x 20 inches

Curt is special. He really does not like to talk about himself—something that I thought was a requirement for having one’s portrait done by me. Only two other people, this one and one, have ever given me any real trouble about talking about themselves in order to get a portrait done, and even they acquiesced in the end. Curt, on the other hand, was having none of it. During the course of the interview, he kept bringing the conversation back around to me.

Finally, to appease me, Curt asked a few of his friends describe him so that I might get a better idea of who he is. Lyndsay wrote me that Curt is “a beautiful balance of opposites.” She explained further that, in a sense, “he hides in the back of the classroom daydreaming, while concurrently sitting in the front row answering all the questions correctly.” Now that I know Curt a little better, I can confirm everything she said.

painted portrait
detail image