Artwork / 2013

Charlotte Hager painted in acrylique on wood by portraitist Gwenn Seemel Sharmila Sahni painting by Gwenn Seemel figurative art painting of the back and neck of a blond woman David Vanadia, my love bee drawing in marker on paper Pegasus painting, artwork by Gwenn Seemel dog drawing crosshatch Jeff Sponaugle portrait by Gwenn Seemel fine art portrait of a baby painting of a dream, a silver thread connecting us to the moon commissioned family portrait with the dog painting of an old white man and his cat self-portrait drawing little blond girl with her tiny rainbow horse on the beach, artwork by Gwenn Seemel

I took some time off from painting in 2013. I made so much work the year before—including all 56 paintings for Crime Against Nature—that I decided to rest my brush some, finishing just a painting or so per month.

Gwenn Seemel speaking at the American Association for the Advancement of Science
photo by Hilary Morgan Watt

Outside the studio, I was plenty busy. I went twice to DC to speak about my art. In March, it was for a technology conference called Freedom to Connect. In September it was to participate in Visualizing Science Policy in 20x20, an event organized by the American Association for the Advancement of Science in conjunction with The Art of Science Policy show, which featured some of my work.

Gwenn Seemel’s art in an ad
photo by Claire Harai

What’s more, some of my work appeared in an ad for the Gap. It was not a decision I made lightly and I was fascinated by the criticism I received for it.

Gwenn Seemel on Hyperallergic
screenshot of Hyperallergic

In terms of press, 2013 was all about Crime Against Nature. The book was featured variously across the Interwebs, most notably on Boing Boing, Hyperallergic, Apartment Therapy, Scientific American, and It was even translated into Chinese!

Gwenn Seemel’s book about Art Marketing
Art Marketing, the digital book

To celebrate my tenth anniversary as a full-time working artist, I wrote this e-book. It’s about how art marketing isn’t just about selling more art. You can download the book for free or for a suggested donation of $3.

free $3