Artwork / Baby Sees ABCs / F Is for Fennec Fox

pack of fennec foxes, wildlife art
Gwenn Seemel
F Is for Fennec Fox
acrylic on panel
14 x 14 inches


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The first names embedded in this image are Fang, Farideh, Fatimah, Fauna, Faust, Faye, Felicity, Felipe, Felix, Fern, Filomena, Fiona, Flora, Floriane, Flynn, Forrest, Fortunata, Frances, Francis, Françoise, Fred, Freda, Freya, Fuchsia, Fumi, and Funmilola.

Foxes hold a special place in my heart because of The Little Prince, the first book I remember reading in both French and English. In fact, the mistranslation of this famous book shaped me as much as the story itself. You can watch the making of F Is for Fennec Fox.

fox face painted by Gwenn Seemel
detail image