Artwork / Apple Pie / Ellis Island Pilgrim (Bosnian-American, Dino)

a Bosnian-American man as a pilgrim, a fake green card
Gwenn Seemel
Ellis Island Pilgrim (Bosnian-American, Dino)
acrylic on canvas
24 x 30 inches


There was something very fussy about the making of this painting. All those numbers, letters, and little details made for a very picky way of painting. The next time I remember feeling that way about a work was as I tried to make sure each of the snakes in this piece was properly represented.

Below is the subject’s answer to this question: what does it mean to be an American?

For me being an American has several meanings. One and most important is that people in American society do not judge you by the way you look but by the way you talk and act in your life. The flexibility in life and the variety of the life styles are great opportunity for everybody in America to find it self.

America is the land of opportunities for everybody who knows what he/she wants. Little bit of luck, lot of effort and good will can make anybody to live the life they dreamed about.

- Dino

a Bosnian-American man as a pilgrim, a fake green card
detail image