Artwork / Lifesavers Fan Art

If you know who Yoda is and I know about him too, then it feels a bit like we know each other, which is what makes Yoda and other pop culture characters so powerful. They remind us that we are all connected. Add a blue surgical mask to that kind of energy, and these characters make the perfect vehicle to promote healthy behavior and a sense of civic responsibility during a pandemic!

Please join me in flooding the interwebs with masked up fan art to help make wearing a mask cool:
  1. Choose a pop culture character you love.
  2. Make an image of the character wearing a blue surgical mask.
  3. Share the images with me and with everyone you know!

If you love this idea, but you are concerned about copright issues surrounding fan art, go here to find out why I feel good about making this work.

Check out the #LifesaversFanArt of Pat Krishnamurthy, Liz Wuillermin, Diana Bukowski, Luis Alves, and Cathy Hasty below!