Blog / 2020 / Beavers Build Ponds, Not Dams

September 28, 2020

All this reminds me of artists and how we don’t make art. We create something infinitely more interesting than artistic objects: we foster human understanding.

So far, my version of the Chinese zodiac includes a rabbit, a dragon, some snakes, a horse, a goat, a monkey, some female roosters, a kind of dog, and a pig. With the year of the rodent under my belt, I still have to paint an ox for 2021 and a tiger for 2022 to complete the full twelve years of my personal zodiac!

The original beaver painting is for sale for $1800 plus shipping—see all currently available artworks. There are prints and pretty things with this image in my Redbubble shop.

yin and yang of beaver ecosystems, painted in acrylic by Gwenn Seemel
Gwenn Seemel
Building a Beaver World
acrylic on canvas
18 inches in diameter
painting of a beaver lodge
detail of Building a Beaver World
painting of a beaver
detail of Building a Beaver World

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