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May 11, 2022

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A few years ago, I talked about each of the adjustments I’ve made to my studio over the last two decades as I get closer to perfecting my work space.

If you’re curious about the piece that teenage me was working on in this video, that image is featured here. The photo in the basement was taken by the lovely and talented Stephanie Yao for The Oregonian when that paper did a big spread about my art to celebrate this show.


For most of my life, I’ve painted on the floor.

I started off setting up anywhere that made sense. In this case, it’s possible that sixteen year old me been asked to take my art-making outside, where rain would eventually wash away any watercolor drips.

And once I became a professional artist, I stuck to the floor, even in this unfinished basement space, where the chill and humidity seeped into my bones through the cracked concrete.

Then, when I was 24, I met my favorite person in the whole world, and, a few years later, we moved in together. He was the one who suggested that I invest in studio rugs—rugs that might get covered in paint, but that would protect the carpet of our apartment.

And these rugs ended up becoming an indispensable part of my studio, following me on our many moves and bringing with them the feel of my space. Literally. It’s the texture of these rugs under my feet that grounds me, no matter where I end up moving to.

Still, the rugs aren’t everything I’ve ever wanted for myself as an artist. For a few years now, I’ve been fantasizing about building a platform to paint on, but as a renter—and especially as a renter on the low end of the market where owners feel entitled to be less-than-lovely—I’ve never felt settled enough to commit to elevating my art practice.

That is until now!

With my recent move to Lambertville, I’m still renting and still living in an upsetting state of housing insecurity that is the reality of most renters in America, but I’m also forty and coming up on my twenty year anniversary as a professional artist. I didn’t want to delay any longer.

I love how I now get to truly step into my painting space. I love that the dust that kicks around our apartment doesn’t always end up in my studio. I love that I did this thing instead of waiting for the timing to be exactly right. And I love how these six little inches of extra lift make me feel about my art.

This video is made with love and microdonations from my community!

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