Artwork / 2011

cat painting by pet portraitist Gwenn Seemel goat drawing by Oregon artist Gwenn Seemel a woman and her elderly mother, portrait painting black dog artwork sea dragon painting rabbit drawing in marker on paper maine coon cat illustration portrait of a woman on a canvas tote impala illustration lion drawing pet portrait by Gwenn Seemel cat portrait by Gwenn Seemel purple squirrel drawing double portrait of sisters baby elephant drawing painted portrait of a little girl who is missing teeth kitty drawing artwork painting of a good looking man fine art commissioned portrait portrait of a handsome young man kerry blue terrier illustration drawing of my mother portrait of a white woman with bright white hair owl drawing portrait of a baby, fine art commission rooster drawing tiger illustration by wildlife artist Gwenn Seemel old woman with her chicken painted on a canvas bag moose drawing David Vanadia and Gwenn Seemel painted on a canvas tote crow on a branch illustration by bird artist Gwenn Seemel wolf drawing deer painting by wildlife artist Gwenn Seemel tiger illustration mother and baby fine art portrait commission duck drawing in marker on paper shark illustration by wildlife artist Gwenn Seemel portrait of a woman who loves The Little Prince rainbow groundhog drawing by Gwenn Seemel

In 2011, I moved to a much larger studio and did a fair amount of commission work, like most of the paintings in this gallery. What’s more, I worked on a new series of paintings that are not portraits, and, with the help of a lot of lovely people, I ran a successful Kickstarter for the series.

art show in the Pearl in Portland, Oregon
photo by David Vanadia

On the exhibition end of things, Subjective’s tour ended in 2011 after four successful stops, and I was pleased to participate in A Somewhat Secret Place, a show focusing on disability. This self-portrait was my contribution to that show.

Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide, book by Lorena Kloosterboer featuring Gwenn Seemel’s art
photo by Gwenn Seemel

A couple of my paintings, including this one from 2011, are featured in Lorena Kloosterboer’s book Painting in Acrylics: The Indispensable Guide, and my vocal support of free culture was noted by Barry Johnson at Oregon ArtsWatch. I was also interviewed by Cory Huff of The Abundant Artist and part of our conversation is available here.