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Painting a frontal portrait

2010 . 06 . 18 - Comments / Commentaires (4)

This is my very first video blog and it’s about painting a frontal portrait.

When I was fifteen, a friend told me that I sounded like a “runaway shopping cart with a squeaky wheel.”  I carried that description for a long time, trying to embrace it in a lighthearted way but mostly failing.  Then, last January, OPB aired an Oregon Art Beat segment about my work, and, as I watched it, I realized that the “squeaky wheel” part was clearly an exaggeration. 

So I decided to try vlogging.

painted portrait

Gwenn Seemel
acrylic on canvas
16 x 14 inches
(detail below)

detail image of a painted portrait

- Working on many paintings at the same time
- Direct-ness
- Putting your best FACE forward

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(4) Comments / Commentaires: Painting a frontal portrait

Portrait Paintings by Kate...

Love this kind of thing reminds me a bit of Chuck Close.

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Thanks for sharing such a nice collection with us, it is really very beautiful.

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I liked your commentary about your painting and the video of the portrait that you did.  You sound insightful and comfortable with who you are.  Thank you.  I was especially drawn to your title because I am a fiber artist and have actually done several vaginas in fiber which I saw as a celebration of being a woman.  And a traditional form in fiber art.  My sons all 3 love and want the soft fuzzy white vagina that hung over our fireplace for so long and they didn’t know what it was. My middle son has it hanging over his bed.  I am no longer doing fiber art, but you make me want to go back to art.  Thank you.

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@Sally: Thank you.  That’s may favorite compliment—that I could be a part of inspiring someone else want to make art!  And I love your sons love vagina art!

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