Artwork / 2021

rainbow serpentdove painting, expressive artist Gwenn Seemel flying firefly artwork by bug artist Gwenn Seemel skeleton reading a book, a funny play on “ride or die” meme for librarians and people who love books chipmunk at Craters of the Moon in Idaho, illustration by Gwenn Seemel custom pet portrait of a poodle and a King Charles spaniel by contemporary artist Gwenn Seemel lizard in Devil’s Garden, Utah, illustration by painter Gwenn Seemel squirrel monkey with capybara art for sale Old Faithful geyser painting by landscape artist Gwenn Seemel mom and son portrait painting by independent artist Gwenn Seemel prairie dogs painting by wildlife artist Gwenn Seemel Ella Jaroszewicz painting artwork beautiful woman painted on a tondo by artist Gwenn Seemel pelican by wildlife artist Gwenn Seemel donkey painting, expressive artist Gwenn Seemel ladybugs on a daisy artwork for Patreon patron tiger swimming underwater wearing a glass globe helmet surrounded by a seaweed jungle and fish, surreal painting Devil’s Tower with humpback whales surreal artwork by painter Gwenn Seemel Human Light artwork by humanist artist Gwenn Seemel bear cub making a heart with her paws, painted in acrylic on paper German shepherd looking like she did something naughty Badlands National Park landscape artwork by Gwenn Seemel pink geranium floral art, expressive design art custom portrait of a grandmother, mom, and baby bison artwork by Gwenn Seemel naughty Brittany puppy artwork Bryce Canyon artwork by Gwenn Seemel portrait of boys playing at being soldiers portrait of my parents custom baby portrait painted in acrylic Multnomah Falls painting by Gwenn Seemel

2021 was all about healing. The commissions and personal paintings shown in this gallery were certainly part of that, as were the silly GIFs I made out of my own artwork and the brand new series about mental health that I began work on.

Gwenn Seemel, Venture Café Philadelphia and Princeton Public Library
Venture Café Philadelphia and Princeton Public Library

Then, too, there was the fact that I exhibited my work in a public library for the first time since my art was censored by that institution in 2019. I was pleased to do a couple of talks to celebrate the show at the Princeton Public Library—this one about my queer identity and this one addressing the way censorship plays out for artists—along with a motivational presentation about art and money for Venture Café Philadelphia.

Gwenn Seemel in The Press of Atlantic City
screenshot of the The Press of Atlantic City

In 2021 my work also earned write-ups in The Press of Atlantic City, South Jersey Magazine, and the Asbury Park Press for Lifesavers Fan Art, a project that I keep hoping will become obsolete in the near future.